About The Brand

Devoted to boosting the creative identity of babies and children aged 0 to 14, Okaidi’s designs encapsulate the spirit of youth, while drawing from the latest fashionable trends. Collections include all of the clothes that a child could need, along with accessories which complement the designs seamlessly. From pyjamas to swimwear, coats and jackets to jerseys, Okaidi’s garments are made from the finest fabrics, and offer a great blend of comfort and style. Okaidi’s stores are organised into sections for babies, toddlers and children, and each category is further divided between the genders. This makes for a convenient layout, and allows a friendly and secure environment in which parents and families can shop. Stores are located in Europe and the Middle East, meaning Okaidi now exerts a global influence on the fashion industry. Shoppers in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and across the Middle East can now fill their children’s wardrobes by visiting the range of Okaidi stores throughout the region. To learn more about the brand,

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