Message From The CEO

We are Alhokair Fashion, a retailer with global presence and local focus. Today we have close to 1,700 retail stores in 13 countries around the world. With 30 years in the industry, we know where we want to go and we know how to get there. Our mission is to achieve ever greater success for ourselves and our partners.

Our Strengths
While we are confident in our abilities, we know that we are only as strong as the brands we represent. With over 80 brands in our portfolio, we cover a wide range of lifestyle concepts be it adult and youth apparel to footwear, cosmetics, home furnishings, and consumer electronics. Whatever brand we’re engaged with, our mission is to bring that brand to our local markets and to deliver an optimal experience for both customers of that brand and the brand itself. As a result, we carefully choose the brands we want to work with, making sure that the brands we carry represent our customers. Because of this approach, you can rest assured that when you work with Alhokair, you’re working with people who are enthusiastic and engaged in bringing success to both our company and your brand. We represent a professional platform, both in-store and online.

Dedicated to Exceptional Customer Experiences
Alhokair is all about delivering exceptional customer experiences. This approach begins the moment a potential customer reaches out and makes contact with us. We’re well aware that our success lies with both new and existing customers and so, we listen to the people who shop with us, we communicate our core values, and w e consistently treat them with the experience they deserve while roaming our outlets.

Our Team – The Core of Our Success
Our greatest asset is our team and the talented people working for our customers. We strongly believe that we have a duty to help our people develop their competencies and leadership skills in order to further their career path and to help them grow their skills. As a result, and due to a positive company culture and a leadership dedicated to helping our people, we believe that we have created the opportunity for them to grow and evolve with us and we’re proud of the environment we have created. As a result of our focus on people, we are able to attract and retain top talent across our business.

Looking Towards the Future
fantastic position to lead the way forward. We have the right base, the right people, and the right attitude to take Alhokair forward into the future, to expand in both size and scope and to bring our brand partners and customers with us. The future is there for us. At the same time, we must remain humble and realize that our success is closely tied to that of our brands from around the world who have chosen to work with us. We must work tirelessly to maintain our standards both internationally and locally and to never cease serving our customers and brand partners. Join us in transforming retail.
Marwan Moukarzel

Marwan Moukarzel

Chief Executive Officer